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To provide highly specialized services in the areas of Intellectual Property and Data Protection that ensure an adequate legal protection, timely and practical solutions for our clients based on our broad experience, highest standards of professional practice and objective business approach.


To establish as an avant-garde boutique law firm that seeks technological innovation and industrial development through the further promotion of a culture of intellectual property protection.






Highly specialized legal services in Intellectual Property and Data Protection 

Founded in 2016, PUNTO TRES is a boutique law firm that offers highly specialized legal services in the areas of Intellectual Property (IP) and Data Protection in Mexico to a national and international client base.


As a boutique law firm, we focus on the importance of customer service through close, highly qualified and experienced partners who encourage one-on-one attorney-client relations by personally handling each case. We avoid delegating tasks into complex organizational structures that translate into high costs and untimely responses derived from the participation of personnel from different organizational levels. We prefer to think of ourselves as your in-house IP and Data Protection attorneys, but without the economic burden of having such an employee as part of your company. Hence, our firm is not just a legal service provider, but rather an integrated strategic business partner.


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